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CreativeU is providing online and blended learning solutions for professionals and organizations around the world.  Some of the countries and projects where our platform and courses are meeting capacity building needs include:

“CreativeU understands the need to contextualize learning to each learner’s environment.  We have used it effectively with our staff to build their capacity for vocational training here in Afghanistan.”
Salem Helali, Chief of Party, Afghanistan Workforce Development Project
“Atlas Service Corps and our global network of fellows needed a dynamic learning management system and platform for us to share resources, learning, and courses.  CreativeU has been a perfect solution for connecting our development professionals to project-related learning.”
Scott Beale, CEO, Atlas Service Corps
“Everyone’s talking about e-learning and blended learning as a way of getting better outcomes from their capacity building these days. Aid to Artisans has always envisioned to put its courses online to reach a much broader audience globally. Aid to Artisans cares a lot about doing this both for its employees and for its beneficiaries around the world and has relied on mainly on in-person trainings which can be expensive and limited in scale. The big question was how to get started in this new world of e-learning.  Aid to Artisans tried once before but didn’t have the expertise to know what really works. CreativeU, however, gave Aid to Artisans that guidance on what the steps we needed to take to get our courses and resources on line and have a platform to connect its beneficiaries to.  They made Aid to Artisans’s dreams possible.”
Maud Mabika, Director, Aid to Artisans
Reach us at or 202-567-5967 to learn about how CreativeU can be customized to your learning needs.

Customized LMS Platform for your site

Deliver and manage engaging learning experiences for your organization, partners or project with an integrated, tailored version of our highly-acclaimed CreativeU technology and pedagogy. We can provide you and your users with a world-class, customized eLearning portal, with learning and knowledge management and professional networking.

We provide you with the custom, high-quality, mobile and online e-Learning solution you want, on your site – at an affordable price:

  • Provide Private Access to your employees and beneficiaries to access your training materials and hundreds of public courses and resources directly from your site.
  • Develop a customized, localized platform on your site and e-learning/blended content with the support of our experts.
  • Upload your e-learning modules, resources, and other tools and share it privately within your organizations’ network, or share it publicly with our global audience and reach thousands of users. We offer links back to your site with data analytics.
  • Assign courses to employees and beneficiaries via custom learning plans, allocating them as required or optional.
  • Track employee and beneficiary member courses progress with our flexible Administrative Reporting Features and data analysis tools.
  • Integrate your LMS, CMS, and Social Learning through our learning and content management system, with courses linked to a robust resource library, communities of practice for social learning, and professional networking.
  • Create Groups and Communities of Practice to build knowledge around your areas of interest.
  • CreativeU custom solutions are mobile ready, with responsive design for use on computers, tablets and smart phones.
  • Access off-line and low bandwidth solutions via our appropriate technology solutions.
  • Leverage Creative’s nearly four decades of development work – we know the needs of development professionals, as well as learners in these environments.  
  • Support Services: Get online and phone access to expert technical support 365 days a year

Contact us to discuss how we can customize your LMS platform today!

Customized eLearning and blended learning courses

Our instructional designers can work with you to develop a set of e-learning courses that is uniquely yours and locally appropriate for your users.  We provide personalized, engaging, interactive learning courses – created just for you and tailored to the unique needs of your organization and your learners.  We also ensure that these modules are competency-based and mobile-ready. Custom e-Learning doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Our process is streamlined for timely, high-quality results.

Our customer services include:

  • Custom development from scratch with complete content planning and storyboarding
  • Contextual learning with simulations and scenarios
  • Integration of existing training you already have into our custom e-Learning
  • Updates of your existing training/courses
  • Mobile compatible output that works on smartphones, tablets and PCs
  • Translations into multiple languages to reach your global audience

Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your e-Learning and blended-learning today!

Consulting on Organizational Learning and Performance Strategies

Creative brings nearly 40 years of experience as a cutting-edge development implementer in some of the world’s most challenging environments. Its commitment to and expertise in delivering high-quality education and accelerated learning programs, and its focus on professional development, make it a unique leader in this field. Through partnerships with NGOs, companies, educational institutions, government ministries and local and international donors, CreativeU is well positioned to help you design your optimal organizational learning and performance strategy.

Blended learning is a powerful strategy. When well designed, blended learning addresses more learning style requirements, a wider audience and increased performance and results. Learning professionals now have a plethora of choices which includes e-Learning, classroom (live or virtual), workshops, websites, job aids, simulations, books (hard copy or virtual) and many other choices.

We work with our clients to define their business needs, evaluate various feasible learning options according to functional requirements, define the LMS and content sourcing strategy and help execute the operational plans.

Contact us to discuss how we can help with your organizational learning and performance strategy today!