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Our Partners:

Join USAID, GIZ, Saylor Academy, LINGOS and many others to share your e-Learning content with a wider global audience today!

  • Saylor Academy
  • NetDimensions
  • Cegos
  • TeachAIDS
  • The Foundation Center
  • Udemy
  • NOAA
  • University of Oxford
  • Microlinks
  • TPT
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Khan Academy
  • Save the Children
  • Tahrir Academy
  • Hero's Horizons
  • Russell Stannnard

Become a CreativeU Content Partner:

CreativeU is driven by our mission to make high quality e-learning accessible to as many people as possible in the countries we serve. We provide the opportunity for partners and distributors to quickly and easily offer their e-learning courses to people in development across the globe!

CreativeU is a global e-learning platform that works to connect people mainly in developing countries with opportunities to improve their soft skills, educational skills or job preparedness skills, as well as provide professional development opportunities online for development professionals or educators in these countries.   

The only way to succeed in this is through building a broad partnership to aggregate quality e-learning content that can be delivered via mobile or online or other means.   We try to make sure this is done for free as much as possible so as to ensure the broadest impact with the best quality content.

CreativeU offers the following to our content partners

  • We provide clear recognition that you are the author of this course and provide a link back to your site from the course and your logo on it
  • We give you access to our Data Analytics report on all usage related to content you provide to CreativeU
  • At the end of your course, you can put a message listing other courses or resources on your site that users may be interested in accessing or purchasing


Value Proposition/Why Collaborate with CreativeU

  • Promote Your Content: Enhance your reputation and build an audience for the purpose of indirectly promoting your e-learning content. With our legacy of capacity development for 40 years, you have access to thousands of users in our global network.
  • Flexible Selling: We provide partners with the flexibility to sell their learning content to fit with their current business model or how our clients want to buy content. Whether it's one course at a time, bundles, learning paths, the full library, or anything in between, we will work with you. 
  • Giving Back: As an individual, you may be at a stage in your life where you want to give back and share what you have learned with the world. We can help you turn your wisdom into a master class, an e-book, or even a face-to-face series of workshops and/or courses.


Contact us to discuss how we can extend the reach of your content today!